Mortgage Broker for Professionals - What You Need to Know

July 20, 2020 | Posted by: Ron Chan

Mortgage Broker for Professionals - What You Need to Know

People from all walks of life depend upon a mortgage broker when buying a home, and there’s really no demographic that can benefit from the relationship more than another. That said, the demand varies for a variety of reasons, and when it comes to the professional sector it can be said that a broker is pretty much essential. Here’s why.

Why Professionals Need a Mortgage Broker When Buying a Home

You Don’t Have the Time to Deal With the Process on Your Own

No matter what professional service (finance, legal, tech, etc.) your find yourself in you simply don’t have the time to manage the entire home buying process on your own. Your 9-5 is rarely that, as you need to attend to emails, documents, virtual meetings and calls (in varying time zones) and more through all hours of the day.

From the moment you complete your first mortgage calculation the home-buying steps unfold. While it can be exciting, it can also be daunting when you consider all that needs to be done. For this reason many hard-working professionals put off buying and stick to renting for far too long, throwing money down the drain in the process. As a professional, you know this isn’t a logical path. So how do you focus on your career while making the most important financial decision of your life? Secure a partner in the form of a mortgage broker. A specialist will be there with you from pre-approval through to closing, taking care of your financial records and documentation, dealing with lenders, and connecting you to important service providers (Realtors, agents, etc.). With a broker at your side you don’t need to do a thing. Get the ball rolling (Winnipeg professionals) by calling 204.290.9950.

You Have “Real Estate Investment” on the Mind

You may be looking for a place to call home for your current or future family, but as a professional you have a financial savvy way about you. When you purchase an asset you want to see it add to your growing wealth. You might want to use it as a source of ongoing income one day (i.e. the long term or vacation rental market) and/or want to flip the property for a significant profit so that you can purchase another (and repeat). When this is the case, you can consider a mortgage broker as you would any financial services professional. A broker will be there to ensure that you get a better ROI by securing lower and unadvertised rates, even at historically low ones when you act in a timely manner. Beyond investment properties, they also provide for other forward-thinking financial services that are tied to your home - such as credit improvement, refinancing, and home-equity loans for home improvements (to increase market value). And if you want to start your own professional venture one day and need a brick and mortar space to make that happen, they can assist with a commercial mortgage too. When working with a professional broker - the investment opportunities are endless.

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