How to Book a Mortgage Appointment in Winnipeg MB

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How to Book a Mortgage Appointment in Winnipeg MB

You've been following Winnipeg real estate news updates. You've even paid attention to Bank of Canada announcements and how they impact mortgage rates. As a result you've arrived at the correct conclusion that now is the time to move forward with a mortgage. And given that you also understand the necessity of working with a broker, there's only one thing left to do - book an appointment. Is it as simple as calling, emailing, or completing a contact form? Or are there other things to consider? Yes, and no, and yes. Confused?Allow us to clear it all up below. 

3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Booking an Appointment with a Winnipeg Mortgage Broker

I. Do You Need to Get Pre-Approved First?

Nope! In fact, a mortgage broker will help you get pre-approved. View more on the mortgage pre-approval process, if you like, prior to booking your appointment.

II. Do You Need to Know What Type of Home You Want to Buy?

It helps, but you don't need to know this before you book your first appointment with a broker. This is because a broker may be able to increase your buying power, which could fundamentally improve your prospect of buying a dream home. This is especially helpful in low-inventory real estate markets. If in Winnipeg, go ahead and book your consultation here.

III. Do You Need to Know Which Mortgage Terms to Choose?

You don't need to know any of this before booking your appointment BUT it helps to understand what your prospective mortgage terms are. We encourage buyers to be as educated as possible, otherwise initial communications with some (not all) brokers may be confusing. Below are brief and easy to following guides to the types of mortgages. Grab a coffee, have a quick look through each. You'll be happy you did!

- When to Choose a Variable Rate Mortgage

- When to Choose a Fixed Rate Mortgage

- What Length of Mortgage to Choose

- Which Mortgage Programs to Choose as a First Time Buyer

- Deciding Between a Bank or Private Lender

Book Your Appointment Today | Call 204.290.9950

Again, you don't even need to answer to answer any of the above to schedule a consultation with a mortgage broker. We exist to reduce your workload and are on standby for when you're ready to get started. Call Winnipeg mortgage specialist Ron Chan today at 204.290.9950.

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