Horror Movie Houses a Mortgage Broker Could Have Helped Protect Buyers Against

October 19, 2022 | Posted by: Ron Chan

Horror Movie Houses Mortgage

While masked villains and evil spirits get the credit for ensuing mayhem in your favorite horror movies, not enough blame is given to the houses themselves. Or more aptly, the sellers, agents, and lenders that allowed the passing of the properties into the hands of hapless buyers who were unprepared for what was to befall them. If only these buyers consulted with a mortgage broker first. That's right, by partnering with a mortgage broker (who works for YOU) they could have avoided all sorts of terror, injury, or outright dismemberment. Far fetched? Read ahead and be the judge, jury, and ahem...executioner.

Four Famous Horror Movie Homes That Victims Could Have Avoided if they Worked With a Mortgage Broker

The Amityville House

The Amityville Horror (1979, then remade in 2005) was a film (based on true events) that depicts the haunting of a family who moved into a Dutch Colonial Revival home in Amityville - a village in Suffolk County, Long Island NY. The 1979 purchase price of the home in the movie was $80,000, which according to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator would cost approximately $300,000 today. This is just under the annual average price of a home in Winnipeg MB in 2022. Back in 1979, the average price of a Winnipeg house was just $49,823. The point we're making here, is that the right mortgage broker could have nudged prospective buyers into a nice home in a major metropolis, and into place where they could have had far greater buyer power. Instead, the family felt as if they had no choice but to move into the outskirts. Everyone knows that it's within a rural village community that the risk of living in a haunted house increases significantly.

The Myers House

The movie Halloween was released in 1978, with the home of Micahel Myers being the setting for the original massacres. Since then, there have been a total of 12 sequels. Nearly all of them involved an escaped Myers returning to the scene of his horrific crimes

Once again we find a scenario where no one should have taken up residence in a home where such travesty occurred. However, due to rising mortgage rates and housing prices, buyers felt as if they had no choice but to invest in the cheapest house on the block. If only they found a mortgage broker who could have gotten them access to lower unadvertised mortgage rates and connected them to new buyer incentive programs (to reduce downpayment requirements) they could have had better options.

The Poltergeist House

The Freeling family - protagonists of 1982's Poltergeist - thought they were moving into a dream home within a new construction development in a suburban community. What they didn't know, is that the developer built the estate on old burial grounds. Soon after moving in, 5-year-old Carol Anne began hearing voices in the TV. She was snatched up by spirits who used the home's television as a portal to another dimension. The rest is well-recorded history. 

This is another example of how a mortgage broker could have helped a family avoid such a fate. A full-service mortgage broker makes it their job to keep up to date on new residential construction, and would certainly know if a development occurred on an ancient burial ground. If the Freelings worked with a new construction mortgage broker, they could never would have had to ruin a perfectly good TV.

The Cabin in the Woods (any cabin, really)

While there was a 2012 horror film named The Cabin in the Woods, let's be honest here. Cabins have been the setting for all sorts of masked maniac mischief ever since Jason Voorhees was unleashed upon Crystal Lake. Granted, we understand your desire to find a charming cabin in a quaint rural area near you. For this reason, we suggest working with a mortgage broker who specializes in vacation home mortgages, including cabins, compared to those city-only brokers who don't do their due diligence about a rural property ahead of time.

Avoid buying a house of horrors by increasing your purchasing power via a mortgage broker today. If on the hunt for a home in the greater Winnipeg area, contact Ron Chan at 204.290.9950. Satisfaction (and no haunting) guaranteed!

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