How to Find a Mortgage Broker in Winnipeg

November 7, 2023 | Posted by: Ron Chan

How to Find a Mortgage Broker Winnipeg

You’ve consistently heard that it’s better to get a mortgage through a broker than to go at it alone. As a result, you’ve decided to partner with one for your first home purchase. There’s just one more question that you need help with - how to find a mortgage broker? Below is a straightforward breakdown of how to proceed when on the hunt for a home in the greater Winnipeg area.

4 Key Things to Look for When Deciding Upon Which Mortgage Broker to Work with for Your First Home in Winnipeg MB 

Local Access

There are a number of brokers who attempt to cast a wide net and work with clients outside of their city or even province. For Winnipeg buyers, this doesn’t make sense. There are so many nuances in Winnipeg real estate that only a local broker knows how to navigate through. Moreover, don’t you want peace of mind that you can literally walk, bike, or drive over to a brick and mortar office to speak to one whenever you want to? Online-only consultations alone won’t cut it when you feel pangs of uncertainty (as many first time buyers do). As a result, only choose a mortgage broker from your locale. Our brokerage is conveniently located at 921 Pembina Highway. Feel free to stop by during business hours anytime! 

Excellent Reputation

How are you to gauge broker reputation when you haven’t been referred from a friend, family member, or other trusted party? When looking at that Google Map to get directions to your prospective mortgage broker’s office, be sure to take a look at their Google Review score. These days, anything less than a cumulative score of 4.5 stars should give you pause.

How to Find a Mortgage Broker Winnipeg

Empowers Buyers with Access to Better Rates and Programs for New Buyers

The biggest benefit of working with a mortgage broker (the right mortgage broker) is that they can get you access to lower than advertised (by the banks) variable and fixed mortgage rates. Moreover, they can connect you to first-time buyer incentive programs that can reduce your downpayment requirements (if desired) and/over overall cost of getting a mortgage along with other enticing incentives. If a broker’s website doesn’t make it clear (more on this below) that they can do this for you (here’s how) you should move on to the next candidate.

Empowers Buyers with Access to Information

Lastly, your query about how to find mortgage broker should also consider how empowering they are (for you) when it comes to information. While a broker can certainly take on all of the “heavy lifting” for buyers, they should give you the opportunity to learn as much as YOU like about the home buying process. If this information transparency isn’t evident on their website you should move on to the next candidate. For example, the Ron Chan mortgage blog (which you’re reading right now) is Winnipeg’s deepest resource of buyer-focused content.


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