Free Mortgage Consultation in Winnipeg MB

January 12, 2024 | Posted by: Ron Chan

Free Mortgage Consultation Winnipeg MB

You’re determined to get a mortgage this year, but you have so many questions that you need answered before you even attempt to get pre-approved. Knowing that a mortgage broker has the answers to these important questions, you’ve come online to search for a FREE mortgage consultation in the greater Winnipeg area. It’s the right thing to do. Information is power and a broker worth his/her salt should empower clients with intel that provides peace of mind to move forward with a home loan application. Call local mortgage specialist Ron Chan right away at 204.290.9950 for a zero-cost consultation, or read ahead first for more information. 

Why Choose Ron Chan for a FREE Consultation About Getting a Home Loan in the Greater Winnipeg Area

ZERO Cost Consultation / ZERO Fees for Ongoing Support

Not only does our brokerage offer a free mortgage consultation, we offer free ongoing support (negotiating terms with lenders, etc.) throughout the home buying process. How is this possible? 

The brokerage earns income via small commission that comes from the lending institution. You don’t pay anything to the brokerage from your pocket. Now we know what you may think - won’t a brokerage ask the lender to add a buffer to the loaned amount to cover their commission? And if so, would this buffer add to what you eventually have to repay? Quite the opposite in fact. Not only does Ron Chan provide zero-cost consultation and support, he will get you access to lower variable or fixed interest rates. He makes this possible in one of two ways. Due to long-established relationships with Winnipeg’s big banks (BMO, CIBC, etc.) our brokerage receives “bulk discounts” on rates. These discounted rates get passed on to your as a part of your agreement to work with the brokerage. Alternatively, Ron Chan may instead connect you to private lenders, should your financial situation call for it. Relationships with these lenders also provides access to lower variable/fixed rates compared to those advertised in the public market. 

To reiterate, homebuyers get the following when partnering with Ron Chan’s mortgage brokerage:

  • Free mortgage consultation
  • Free mortgage support through the entire home buying process
  • Access to lower fixed or variable mortgage rates along with better mortgage terms

No matter how you look at it, there is zero risk involved in calling Ron Chan to ask about your options for getting a home loan. Call or email us for a no-commitment conversation today to move forward with this exciting time in your life.

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