Mortgage calculators can help you determine your mortgage payment and provide you with a mortgage payment schedule. Calculators can also show you how much money and how many years you can save by making prepayments. Are they reliable? Good question! Ultimately,mortgage calculators are only as reliable as the information you give them. Calculators may not consider important elements such as property tax, insurance, and other costs that can have a signifcant impact on your monthly payment. Use these calculators to provide you with insight, but we encourage you contact a mortgage broker for a "second opinion". In doing so, you may find that you can afford more than you ever anticipated! If buying a home in the greater Winnipeg MB area, email or call Ron Chan at your earliest convenience. 


Try our Easy to Use Mortgage Calculators

Purchasing Calculators

Examine the financial implications of what may prove to be the most important financial decision of your lifetime.

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Renewing Calculators

At renewal, you can renegotiate everything pertaining to your mortgage, with no penalties. Our Renewal Calculators will help you look at some possibilities.

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Refinancing & Home Equity

Consolidating debt, renovating, investing, decreasing your monthly payments, our Refinance Calculators can help lead you in the right direction.

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