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You love your home, but if you had the available funds you’d make some upgrades. Perhaps you desire a new kitchen or bathroom. Maybe you need to add an entirely new wing to accommodate a growing family or an extension for a home office or work studio. Alternatively (or in addition) you’re looking to the exterior for landscaping upgrades which may or may not include a heated swimming pool. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got home renovations on the mind but haven’t been able to find the funds to make it happen.

If your home is in the greater Winnipeg area, you’ve come to the right place. Mortgage specialist Ron Chan delivers on a home equity loan Winnipeg property owners won’t get anywhere else. 

Ron will identify the right time to act on interest rates and real estate market prices so that you get the most value from your home equity. From here, you can borrow against that equity and put it into interior/exterior renovations and retrofits, as you see fit. This will not only enhance enjoyability and usability, it makes financial sense. The right upgrades add an average of 15-20% to home values. In addition, energy efficient upgrades can reduce your household monthly and annual energy expenditure which will save you money in the long run. Moreover, you will likely qualify for Provincial and Federal credits and rebates that can be applied to energy efficiency upgrades. Ultimately, you will see a return on investment (ROI) which is a win-win-win for your household. 

All that you need to do is call 204.290.9950 or email ronchan@invis.ca to ask about how much you can get for your exciting new upgrades.

 Home Equity Loan Winnipeg

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