Mortgage Renewal Rates Winnipeg

Maturing Mortgage? Let's Get You a Better Rate!

Is the mortgage renewal on your Winnipeg MB home approaching? If so, you’re coming upon an important financial milestone. Now is the perfect time to consider the many innovative options and competitive rates available to you, today! 

To begin with, don’t roll over for the the banks or any other lender that you secured your initial mortgage with. They have, or will be sending your mortgage renewal form soon (if you have a good payment history). You may be tempted to stick with status quo. That may be a BIG mistake. Unfortunately, about 70% of homeowners sign and send their renewal forms back to lenders without asking any questions. This is great for the banks, but not for them (you). 

Before picking up that pen, seize this important opportunity. There are multiple lenders who are ready and willing to compete for your business and will give you better mortgage renewal rates. Winnipeg mortgage specialist Ron Chan will see to that. Ron has established relationships with a number of lending institutions in the city, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders. As a result, we position you to have significant negotiating power when it comes to finding the best mortgage to fit your specific situation. All that you need to do is give Ron Chan a call today at 204.290.9950. Don’t give the banks what they want; instead, take what’s yours!

Mortgage Renewal Rates Winnipeg

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